About Us

Pruhtech.com is one of the world’s leading platform for tech. Information. Pruh tech is for those geeks and beginners who trust in “Good is not enough, be Great”. In Pruh tech, we provide expert guidance and cored information about future tech, cloud computing, Computer Networks, How-to guides, educational topics and a detailed discussion of day to day changes in technology with brainstorming facts.

Pruh tech is dedicated to the beginners those have the basic knowledge of computers, they are looking for a platform to enhance their abilities in their respective technical field. In Pruh tech we trust in the generalization of computer information in different fields like computer networking, How-to guides, cloud computing, knowledge about Windows operating system,ย Android, and Mac OS, above all these things we are here to solve your queries and provide a well tested and expert opinion to you.

It all began in July 2017 in Mumbai. When the founders of Pruh tech looking for a better platform to provide information about technical changes around us, way to generalize technical education, to introduce people to the amazing, mysterious and surprising world of technology and the effects of technical changes in our life.