Top 10 Best iOS Games [2018] – MUST PLAY

Are you a game freak? Do you love playing games on your iPhone or iPad? I guess you do that’s why you’re here on this page witnessing our concluded list of top 10 best iOS games. If you want to enhance your gaming experience playing iOS top rated games so, here I have something for you that aid you to accomplish the same.

Games are a vital part of this world. iOS games are being top-rated from last few years because of the platform that iOS operating system provides to the users. iOS was launched around a decade ago, and in that time span, iOS developers had worked a lot and proved that iOS devices are the most robust gaming machines out there.

Furthermore, Apple devices are always appreciated because they provide an excellent graphics fluency. iOS is armed with strong graphics and responsive touchscreen. Thus, we game freaks opt iOS devices for amazing game play. Even developers prefer iOS platform because iOS is something that provides them an appropriate environment to design the best top-notch games.

Below I have listed top 10 best iOS games for your iPhone and iPad. Do have a look at them.

1. Galaxy of Pen and Paper

[appbox appstore 1250659883]

A very cartoonist name, right? It seems quite impressive, and literally, it’s fascinating. If you are a kind of gamer who doesn’t get influenced quickly, then you should try it once.

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Galaxy of Pen and Paper is a very different game as it includes spaceship battles, and it is a role-playing game. Along with this, you can customize each and everything that you will get while playing the games. It is rated 7 out of 10 and is being appreciated by millions of users.

2. Milkmaid of the Milky Way

[appbox appstore 1163483480]

An action game with a space-based wrap of the name, it was designed by Mattis “Machine boy” Folkestad. It is an ancient time-based game. You will be playing a role of helper, and you have helped a girl on her farm. Along with this, you will be witnessing adventures at Earth and other planets.

Again, millions of users had appreciated the combo of its retro style graphics and scientific story plot.

3. Super Mario Run

[appbox appstore 1145275343]

A very famous game and a traditional video game. In this game, you just have to run forward and need to survive some funny enemies. You can play a stage for many time as you want. Although it doesn’t require high graphics support. It works flawlessly on iOS over Android.

Over 5 million people have installed it on their iPhone or iPad, and it is rated 8 out of 10 by thousands of satisfied users.

4. Mountain Valley 2

[appbox appstore 1187265767]

Mountain Valley 2 is not an action whereas it is a mind game. While playing Mountain valley, you need to be fully concentrated, and the joy you will be getting after completing a chapter will force you to keep on playing it.

In this game, you need to guide a mother and a child as thy lost in-between of their journey. You will be meeting several adventures in your gameplay.

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This game is rated with 7 out of 10.

5. The witness

[appbox appstore 1230231705]

The witness is a tricky game. In this game, you will be struggling with some puzzles, and you are stuck in between of an island. Some of the mysteries will be quite easy whereas few of them will burst your brain.

This is a new game in the iOS family, but then too the appreciation that it have grabbed is remarkable and is rated 8 out of 10.

6. Legend of Grimrock

[appbox appstore 965096605]

Legend of Grimrock is a 3D action game. It was developed in 1987. In this game, you will be revolving around tunnels and tombs of the civilization of past days. Swords and spells will add great glory to your gameplay.

On iOS app store this application is rated 8.5 out of 10. So far around 5 million people have downloaded the legend of Grimrock on their respective devices.

7. Hitman GO

[appbox appstore 731645633]

Hitman GO is a puzzle based strategy game in which you are playing the role of the protagonist as the legendary assassin in and as Hitman.

This game has earned itself a rating of 4.7 on iTunes. You will be amazed by the difficulty and how you can complete the provided task in this addictive game.

8. Machinarium

[appbox appstore 459189186]

Machinarium is an adventure game with a touching storyline of a robot who was exiled from the city.

This game involves a lot of puzzles that will keep you involved for hours. You will be solving some of the environmental puzzles to get back to your city Machinarium.

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9. Super QuickHook

[appbox appstore 375941471]

Super QuickHook is an adventure game in which you go on a quest to conquer the mountains with your grappling hook.

You get many rewards as you progress in the game and the replay awards are also amazing which will keep you engaged in playing this game once you have completed the game.

10. Hidden Folks

[appbox appstore 1133544923]

Hidden Folks is developed in a unique style, everything that you will interact while playing the game is hand drawn. There are more than 19 areas to explore, you get 280+ interactions, and everything is drawn with hands.

Games have always been one of the primary sources of entertainment.

The aforementioned list comprised of top 10 best iOS games which are very interesting and indulging; you will enjoy playing each of them.

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