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best spy apps

Your treasure for best spy apps ends here.

Have you ever thought of digging into somebody’s personal life through his phone, By monitoring their phone activity like;  reading their personal messages, listening to their voice calls secretly and tracking his location by using some kind of software, In technical terms, these kinds of software are known as spying apps (spyware).

best spy apps

Spying software is too powerful and gives you the complete control of the victim’s phone. But you don’t have to forget there is an odd between two even and here the odds are that those fraud companies whose first motive is just to make money from you.

For keeping you safe from these fraud companies here we have a list of best spy apps, here given spyware apps are personally tried and tested by us and you can invest in these apps. Here we will also cover the topic, what precautions you should have to take before buying spyware packages.

It will make you Bond 007!!!

Before starting, it’s my advice for you don’t use these apps for any bad deeds. The knowledge that I will provide you here is just for your information and educational purposes. Now let’s get started:-

Best Spy Apps – Check Here

mSpy – iOS compatible

It’s the best spy app for iPhone having over a million downloads. It comes with user-friendly interface and easy downloading and installation purpose. To use this app you have to download this onto your target phone (onto the phone of the person you want to monitor). After that, you can remotely observe and control the activities of that person, through your computer or phone.

Pros of using mSpy app

Below down are the popular key features, check it out:-

  1. Keylogger: It will save targeted person password, web searches, messages and dialed numbers details by capturing keystrokes typed on a smartphone. Then that data is automatically uploaded to your mSpy account.
  2.  No Jailbreak Solution: mSpy app works by pulling data from iCloud backups, for the proper functioning of this app there is no need to jailbreak. For using this app you need iCloud login credentials, and iCloud backups should be enabled on your targets iPhone.
  3. Unlimited Device Change: You can use your license key on different devices but not at a similar time. First, you have to deactivate it from the old device, only after that, you will use it in another device. (You can use this property for testing purpose on your phone before the actual installation of spyware in your victim’s phone)
  4. Upload Settings: There is an upload data option in your account settings. By using this you can choose which type of data network connectivity you prefer for uploading the recorded activity data – WiFi only or WiFi and cellular data. From my point of view, it’s a pretty good option, it provides you flexibility.
  5. Blocking Feature: As a spyware user it’s the best things, you can hold the reins of your victim’s phone – limit his search result by blocking websites, block incoming calls and choose which apps can victim use on his phone.
  6. Customer Support: Not every one of us belongs to an IT background, to solve technical issues related to app installation and working, they provide you a guidance.  They have 24/7 customer service to fulfill your query and problems related to app installation and working. To connect to technical support team you have four options: by phone, by email, online chat, and remote assistance.
  7.  Compatibility: You can not only use mSpy app on iOS and Android but also within Windows and Mac computers. It’s good for monitoring different devices under a single account.

mSpy app is the best spy app if your victim is an iPhone user, as it gives you the no-jailbreak feature that allows you to monitor without jailbreaking targeted person phone.

Cost: It comes in three packages basic premium and bundle kit with a price range in between $30 to $230.
Developers: Bitex Group LTD
Company location: it’s a UK-based company founded in 2010.
Visit their website:

Note:- If you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your child’s activity then mSpy app is the best spy app for you, with its easy to use interface and lot’s of features. It’s good for you to keep track of your children’s activity and control the interaction of your child with social sites.


From my experience with FlexiSPY, I can tell you it’s the best spy app in features. It has most numbers of features and a powerful phone spy software. The best features that I feel about Flexispy is its Call Interception feature, which lets you secretly record and listen into phone calls.

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Pro features of Flexispy:-

  1. Live Call Intercept: It allows you to secretly Intercept (listen and record) in ongoing phone call conversation.
  2. Record Phone Calls: You have the option to record all phone calls they make and receive on their phone. Once the call is recorded, the recording is automatically uploaded in your Flexispy control panel.
  3. Record Surroundings: As a Flexispy license owner you have the remote access to your victim’s phone microphone, and you can hear what’s going on in the surrounding. All recordings are available in your account as MP3.
  4. RemCam: Provide you the access to activate the camera and take a secret picture to view location and surroundings of the phone.

Jailbreaking and rooting your victims iPhone or Android device is compulsory for you if you want to use Flexispy in future. Only after that, you can take advantage of Flexispy enrich features. After the installation it will work silently in the background and gives you the master control to listen and record any phone call, GPS location, tracking their activity, text, photos, emails, social media messages like Facebook, WhatsApp Instagram hike etc.  All recorded data is uploaded in your Flexispy account automatically.

Should you use Flexispy or not?

If you are new in spyware world. I would recommend you to learn about how to jailbreak and root a device and its profits and harms (I tried to use Flexispy on a non-rooted Android device it doesn’t work. for using it, you should have to Jailbreak or root targets phone first)

If you need a spyware with average or basic specifications within low cost, I would recommend you to go with any other spy app. Flexispy is enriched with features but at the same time, it’s too expensive. Which makes it a tough choice to choose.

Versions: There are two versions available in the market. First one is premium, it gives you all basic features that you need for spying.

The second one is extreme version it provides you additional features above premium version. The extreme version is for those persons who want something extra.

Cost: ForPremium version – $149
For Extreme version: $349 (1-Year License)
Developers: Flexispy, Ltd.

Location: The company was founded in 2005, and is based in Thailand.
Visit their website:

best spy apps


ikeymonitor is a powerful spying app for iPhone. I have tested this app on my own iPhone. I experienced it’s one of the best spy apps there for iOS devices, with an easy to use interface that captivates your attention.  It gives you the authority to record;  text messages,  Keystrokes logged by the user, website visited. Once the data is collected you will get all the data on your email.

Note:- iKeyMonitor is only available for jailbreak iOS devices.

Pros that makes iKeyMonitor to stand out in the list of best spy apps:

  1. Free 3-day trial: iKeyMonitor software providers offer you a free 3-day trial so that you can decide according to your experience with Flexispy, you want to buy it or not.  A trial package is a great facility that they provide.
  2. View Keystroke typed: Primarily ikeymonitor is a keylogger, that’s why you will receive all the content in your account. content related to instant social media messages, texts, browsing history, passwords and much more.
  3. Capture passwords entered: Every keystroke typed into the keyboard by the targeted person will logged – even passwords and other crucial information that is hidden by the user.
  4. Capture screenshots periodically: Remote access to the user’s phone, to automatically capture a screenshot and record the activity that is going on the screen, to know exactly what is going on and which app he or she is using, or site they visited at that instant.
  5. Multi-language support: In apps interface settings, there is a language option for you, from where you can choose language that you prefer. From the list of languages that are available; English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and more.

iKeymonitor is best for monitoring purpose, you will get up-to-date information on each and every activity that is going on over the phone each second. I recommend it’s as one of the best spy apps for observing purpose.

Note: For using it you have to Jailbreak iOS device. The iKeymonitor is best for jailbreak devices running iOS 6.0 and later version. You can only installed it on a jailbroken iPhone/iPad via Cydia.

Cost: Free to try
$49.99 (1-month license)
$299.99 (1-year license)
Developer: Awosoft Technology CO, LTD
Location: it’s a UK-based company founded in 2008.
Visit their website:

Highster Mobile – Best Spy App for Android

Highster is my first pick for tracking an Android phone, Using highster is sweet like sugar. Download and install it onto the Android device you want to spy, thenceforth activate highster with your license key and you are ready to go. There is no setting and configure option that you have to arrange before start tracking. After the installation, you just have to log in your highster account and start tracking. View their contacts, calendar entries, and installed apps. what do you think is it easy or not??

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Pros that make Highster best for Android device:-

  1. Real-time GPS Tracking: It allows you to track the current location of that phone, it’s  past location history and where they are going. Locations are displayed on the company’s website with high accuracy.
  2. Text Message Monitoring: Highster helps you to keep a running record of all text messages that are sent or received, even you can get data of the deleted text messages on your highster account.
  3. View Call Logs: Variety of options to keep track of call on that cell phone like viewing phone call history, tracking calls made, calls received, calls missed, phone numbers, the date and time duration of the calls.
  4. View Photos: Photos will automatically save on you highster account from the victim’s phone.
  5. View Browsing History: Keep the record of web browsing – checking visited the website and searched results shown.
  6. Social Media Monitoring: Highster is available with the social media monitoring feature;  to keep records of messages and persons whom he is sending messages through instant messaging apps like  Facebook, WhatsApp, and hike messenger.The negative point that I feel here is that this feature only available on rooted devices.

Are you looking for a low-cost affordable, spy app with basic features then this app is for you. Buying Highster means one-time investment without any recurring fees.

It doesn’t have many features in comparison to other spy apps, but the key aspects of Highster are its user-friendly interface. For a normal user, it is a mini-boom pack which provides all basic spying features without rooting the device, and a good option as your first spy apps. Highster is best to average price option for both Android and iOS users. I have tested highster on my Android and iOS device it works well, these qualities make it unique in the list of best spy apps.

Cost: It only costs a one-time fee of $69.99
Developer: ILF Mobile Apps Corp
Location: it’s a US-based company founded in 2010.
Visit their website:

Superpoint spy

It’s another great option for you with a great interface and inexpensive price. It contains every basic feature that you need in a spyware like; call monitoring, text, and emails recording. check browsing history and search results, Interception on a live call and much more that you will know down below. It’s available for both the platforms Android and iOS, within an affordable price, and easy to download and install. With no hassle, began monitoring targeted device within no time.

List of pros that you love to know Superpoint spy:-

  1. Monitor Social media activities: In my opinion if you are a parent and want to monitor your child’s interaction with the Internet, then this app is one of the best spy apps for observational purpose with the feature like ; to check social media activities ( posting , sending messages and social media account details ) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat.
  2. Call tracker: You have the access to view call log of the victim’s phone: dialed calls, received calls, missed calls and even deleted calls, and call timing with the date.
  3. SurePoint’s Remote Camera: Allows you to remotely control the device camera and take pictures to look at the surroundings.
  4. Track emails: You can check emails on the phone, and access to email information such as a timestamp.
  5. Track down smartphone location via GPS:  It provides you the option to find out the location of the device through GPS, this feature is highly useful for tracking the stolen phone.
  6. Spy on text messages and SMS: If the victim deletes the call logs and text messages, even after that you can check these call logs and messages related information with date, timing, and number associated with it.
  7. Real-time Control Panel: Allows you to view all the real-time activities, like which app is running on the phone and processes happening at that time.

I prefer this app to those parents, who want to monitor their children’s activity; their call details, emails, web browsing history and social sites they are visiting. Use it in a good way for protection and guiding your child not to control your child’s life.

Cost: $29.99/month
Developer: SurePoint Technologies
Visit their site:

Three Steps to Start Your Journey with Spywares

1. First, you have to choose a reputable company with a good history of customer service. Previously I have covered few companies from which you can choose from, but first, do some homework on your own.

If any company claims that they can spy without installing any app into your victim’s phone, most probably they make fool out of you, in 99% cases it’s false promise, they are just trying to make out money out of you.

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2. Next step now you have to install the app on your target phone through the link provided to you by the company. For installation, in most of the cases either you have to activate or enter your license key, which is provided to you with the time of purchasing the app.

3. Now everything is set up, you just have to log into your online account, that’s it. Now you can monitor the victim’s calls, text messages, browsing history, Photos and many things depend on the features that your chosen app provides.

Personal experience with Spyware- 

When I started my relationship with spyware. I found tonnes and tonnes of advertisement articles on the internet posted by different software companies, who claim that their software is the best spyware in the market. Trust me 80% of them are frauds or crap.

If you are buying for the first time. Do your homework about company their product and ask questions as many as you can before buying a spyware, it will save you from losing your money and helps to find out frauds.

From my experience with spyware, I will tell you this. This mobile spyware need a bit more interaction with your device and at least you should have a basic knowledge about apps and cell phone operating system. Having a basic understanding of your device software will definitely help you out to conceive these apps better. The working of these apps is different from your regular apps that you can easily download from your phones app store.

Be Aware of Scams, Ask first before buying

There are many companies in the market who advertise, their product as the best spy apps but not all of these are 100% genuine. In most of the case, they are just trying to make money off you. Be a smart customer and ask as many questions as you can. If you ask a question it means, you are interested in buying and wants to know more about their product. They have to open their gates for you and tell you about their products features cost and information about their company or services they provide? Don’t take any decisions on the spot take your time be an educated customer and do some research only after that buy a product. There are few questions that you should ask before taking any decision.

best spy apps

Where is the company based?
Does the company have a website?
Do they have live customer service representatives?
I’ve purchased cell phone spy software. What now?
What features they have in there an app?
Cost of the spyware?

Must know facts about a legitimate spy app.

1. Beware of those spy application companies who claim that they can monitor target person without installing their app onto his phone. Spy apps require installing into the targeted phone to observe the activity of the targeted person.

2. For installation or proper functioning of these spy apps on an Android device, you don’t have to root host phone unless you want certain social media information such as; WhatsApp, Emails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other app-related data.

These apps work properly on any Android device for retrieving data records like browser history, text messages, call logs, GPS location, photos, and videos, installed the app, and remotely controlling camera operation without rooting that device.

3. For monitoring an iPhone, iPad and the other iOS device through these spy apps, will require jailbreaking that target device.

Jailbreak software is available on the internet. Open up your favorite browser and search “Jailbreak iPhone” you will get a list of this huge software packages.

Note: Keeping an eye on victims iPhone is possible with the jailbreak, it’s helpful for those who have no access to their targeted phone but willing to spy. There are many software providers in the market who offers spying software without jailbreak of the iOS device but most of them are frauds. Just a pinch of them are genuine and trusted beware before buying!!

4. Before purchasing the spy app please verify that the company has a good customer support. Customer Service is extremely important here. Email is usually the norm in this industry.

5. Confirm that the company from which you are buying the spy application should have a company telephone number that actually works, someone answers your call, not an answering service. The person who picks up the phone should be able to answer your all question (if you don’t know which type of questions you have to ask. For that we will provide a list of few basic but extremely important questions at the end of this article) related to their product. If this not happens there is a chance of scam.

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