5 Best Spy Apps for Android – Solution Comparison for Newbies

best spy apps for android

Spying on someone’s personal life is the wish of many among us. But not every one of us is able to do that as result of our rigid and non-adaptive nature. Many of us are using the old grandpa’s time technology, and the same thing goes for spyware.  If your desire is strong enough and wants to learn about technological advancement in the spying field then here we have a packet of best spy apps for Android,  which allows you to stealthily check on a person life, without their knowledge you will get the authority to enter into their personal life.

best spy apps for android

Here in this article, we are focusing on best spy apps for Android, by virtue of Android operating system users in the world. Android is the biggest smartphone operating system platforms, having 65% of total smartphone users in the world. Focusing on the numbers of Android users we will discuss spyware for Android platform here.

Spyware, that we will discuss here is our personal favorite, tried and tested by us. By using anyone one of them, we will get features like; GPS tracker, Checking Call logs, text messages, browsing history, monitoring apps usage and you can control web browsing results of your victim.

Let’s get started….

Best Spy Apps for Android – Check Here

Highster Mobile

This app is my first choice if anyone asks me, which software he or she will use for monitoring purpose on an Android device. Highster includes every basic feature, that you need for tracking down a person’s personal life; authority to check call logs ( missed calls, dialed calls and even deleted call records), view text messages, highster also provides you allowance to check messages from instant messaging apps  like messenger, WhatsApp, hike and Instagram and many more.

Using highster provides you many features that will surely help you to monitor the activity of that person. Let’s check the boons of using highster:-

Real-time GPS Tracking: Provides you tracking feature, by using highster you can get easily locate your targeted person’s current and previous locations, the location is displayed on the company’s website with high accuracy.

Text Message Monitoring: Running record of messages that are sent or received by the user, it also provides you the copy of deleted text messages on your highster account.

View Call Logs: Monitoring call history call made, received calls and missed calls. You will also receive data records related to call timing and date on your account

View Photos: It will automatically save the images from targeted phone to your Highster account.

Browsing History: Monitor browsing history and you can also see search results.

Social Media Monitoring: This feature is only available for the rooted Android device. Here you can easily keep an eye on text messages that are sent from instant messaging apps.

Cost: It only costs a one-time fee of $69.99
Developer: ILF Mobile Apps Corp,

Location: it’s a US-based company founded in 2010.
Visit their website: http://www.highstermobi.com

The Cons

There is no parental control option, as a result you can’t control or restrict the access of your children from certain sites and apps.

Auto Forward Spy

Auto Forward Spy, is one my all time favorite spy software, it’s peerless ability to extract information from an Android device makes him a top spot holder in this list of best spy apps for Android. Auto Forward Spy software works with all Android devices of different companies like Samsung,  LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Sanyo, StraighTalk, TracFone etc.

It comes with all the basic features with in an affordable price range. Features that I like most about this spying software on my first trial, is it captures the text messages ( even it can easily grab the deleted text messages ) call logs, social data from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more, GPS locator etc.

For using Auto Forward Spy, you have to download it onto the targeted phone with the given link provided below. Once the downloading is finished install the app and activate it with your license key, that is provided to you by the company. After the finishing of this process, you are ready to go, log in to your Auto Forward Spy account and you will get collected information with in few second.

Text messages – It provides you recorded data related to text messages sent or receive, even deleted messages from the phone.

Call log  – You have the access to check call log ( dialed received calls ) and the call duration with time.

Call recording – Remotely you can record the conversation that is happening on the call

Emails – Check Emails it’s  Content, sender and receiver.

GPS – You can track the location of victims with the accuracy within 50ft of the actual location.

Photos and videos – As soon as you activate this app in host phone, from the next second, it will start providing you records related to

Web browser history – Check the web site visited by the user and the search results.

Remote locking – It’s my favorite feature, you can remotely lock the phone if your phone is misplaced or stolen.

Stealth camera – You have the authority to remotely control the phone camera for taking a picture.

Social Media and Installed Apps – It makes observing, running apps, text messages send from instant messaging apps like Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Instagram and much more, so easy.

Diagnostics – You can check information related to phone like; Battery life, WiFi connection, status, Bluetooth status, IMEI number.

Cost: $29.99/month ( with 3 days free trial )
Developer: Auto Forward
Visit their site: http://auto-forward.com

THE BAD – If you don’t care about Geo-fencing and other features similar to that, then it’s for you.


Spyzie is quite a popular and effective spy software, there is large number of people’s who are using spyzie as result of its affordable price and great mid range features like GPS tracker that is used for tracking a person located on a global map, tools for  monitoring the activity, call logs, text messages, Photos and more from the target phone that you can without rooting the device.


It allows you to monitor Call logs ( dialed calls, received calls ) text messages, GPS location tracking, Photos and videos, calendar activities, browsing history and search results.

You don’t have to root your targeted Phone. Using Spyzie is easy, install it and activate then you are ready to go.

Low cost and having every basic feature for observing the activity of victims phone makes it best for you.


Without rooting the Targeted device it’s not possible to view messages from an instant messaging app like Facebook WhatsApp etc.

Price: $19.99 per month or $7.5 per month for the 1-year subscription

Download link: https://www.spyzie.com/android-spy.html

best spy apps for android

Mobile Spy

We are including this on the basis of positive reviews that means Mobile Spy is a reliable spying software, mostly business class people use it and it’s quite famous among them. Mobile Spy includes features like tracking text messages, checking media files such as Photos and videos, you have the authority to check data records related to Facebook Instagram hike and other instant messaging apps.

This spyware also, lets you monitor laptops as well.


Mobile Spy has an easy to use interface with reliable specifications.

It’s good for observation purpose of data records like call logs ( including all call details ) with time and call duration,

text messages record with time and receiver number, GPS location tracker, and the authority to check text messages from instant messaging apps.

You can also remotely control a device

Mobile Spy is also available for spying laptops.


The feedback that I want to give you here is that it’s email logging feature may not work very well on some Android devices.

Official site: http://www.mobile-spy.com/
Price: $49.97


It’s the last spying software that I prefer for Android device, iSpyoo have all the basic features that you need for observing and keeping control on the activity of the victim’s phone. It will allow you to check  Targeted persons web browsing history and search results, messages, keeping a record of  Photos and  videos and other information related to the instant messaging app and running apps and the record of deleted text messages and call logs.You will get all the information on you iSpyoo account after the activation of this application.


It has a user-friendly GUI.

Once you install it onto victims phone then, you have the authority to remotely control the phone take a picture and

open microphone to listen to the voice of surroundings


In the list of specifications it scores good marks but in actual iSpyoo has average reviews, that means will not work well on every Android device.

Official Address: http://ispyoo.com/
Price: $54

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