Review: Best Windows Password Recovery Software in 2018

Hello Guys, how are you all? Today, we are going to review one of the fascinating software that resolves the most crucial issues in our life and that’s how to reset Windows password if you can’t remember it anymore. First of all, you should not be embarrassed if you have forgotten Windows computer password as this is one of the most common issues that occur with most of us in our daily lives. But never fear, because that’s where PassMoz LabWin shines like a pearl. And in this review article, this amazing program will be the star of the show.

Firstly, you must understand that it is indeed possible to reset administrator password of your machine if you can’t remember it anymore using PassMoz LabWin. Not only this program helps to reset the administrator password and it actually destroys it from the PC so that you can log in to your computer normally without having the lock screen at all. In short, it will help to simply remove the password from the PC so that you can use it normally just like before you forgot the password. Not to mention, this program is completely safe and it is assured that none of your precious data from the computer will be erased.

Before publishing this product, we have tested it with several computers and laptops brands to make sure it is completely secure. It has been tested on brands like Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba etc. and it proved to be a mind-blowing program. It has a 100% success rate when it comes to resetting computer password. So, let’s get started with the working of this program.

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Preparations before starting with the program

  • An empty flash drive with at least 1GB empty space.
  • A computer with Windows installed in it.
  • PassMoz LabWin software.

Steps on How to Use PassMoz LabWin

The design of PassMoz LabWin is so elegant that even a child can operate this program without having any knowledge at all. The options and instructions are very clear and you only need to click few buttons to finish the job. Still, we will show you how to work with the program to reset your Windows computer password.

Step 1. First, grab the distinct computer as we mentioned and install PassMoz LabWin program in it. This step is simple and can be finished within 2 minutes.

Step 2. Get the empty USB flash drive in order to make the password reset disk and insert it on the PC.

Note: Make sure to backup all the data from the thumb drive, as they will be all removed.

Step 3. You will notice that the flash drive will be recognized by the tool. At this point, you only have to click on “Burn USB” and wait for the program to finish making the flash drive.

 PassMoz LabWin
PassMoz LabWin

Note: If you are using a CD or a DVD then instead of clicking Burn USB, click on “Burn CD/DVD”.

Step 4. A new message will pop up on the screen saying “Burning Successfully!” indicating your password reset disk is now ready.

Step 5. Go to your main locked computer and insert the reset disk. Turn it on and the PassMoz LabWin should be loaded automatically on the screen. If not, then restart your computer and Press F8 to start the boot menu and select USB flash drive to boot from.

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Step 6. Now, PassMoz LabWin will show all user profiles linked with your computer. Choose the main administrator password that needs to be unlocked and press the “Reset Password” button once.

That should do the job and your computer must be unlocked at this position. Eject the flash drive and reboot your PC again. You will see it won’t ask for any password at all. Congratulations, your nightmare is now over.


PassMoz LabWin has been the most favourite and top-rated Windows password recovery software in 2018. It is the only program that can reset all sorts of passwords even if it is over 14 characters mixed with special characters. Moreover, if this program can’t unlock your computer then it is guaranteed that your money will be returned but that won’t be required for sure. We will absolutely rate this program 10 out of 10 due to its efficiency and simplicity. We will definitely recommend to visit the official website and learn all the features by yourself.

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