Top 7 Best Call Blocker Apps For Android & iOS Smartphones

best call blocking apps for android and ios

We are living in the era where it is an effortless task to get hold of someone’s data or identity. Many companies are sitting out there who are outsourcing your details to data brokers. This is the reason you end up getting spam messages, emails or calls from companies you don’t even know. This is a massive scandal that has been going since years, and in the coming time, it is only going to grow big and big. This has led to a lot of rising in telemarketing and robotic calls! We undoubtedly can’t stop this business, but there would be something that we could do from our end.

If you are in trouble by unnecessary and unwanted calls maybe from your office in non-office hours or from some ex, stranger or anyone similar, then it is the time to block their calls using some astonishing third-party app.

These third-party call blockers apps for Android and iOS will identify the caller and will block it if it has been set on the blocked list of the app. But the sad part is that there are lots of fake third-party call blocker apps available in the claiming the best services. That’s why we run out of time to search for the best call blocking apps for your devices. No matter whether you are an Android user or iOS, we have got both covered in our article.

Best call blocking apps for Android & iOS

1) Truecaller

call blocking apps for Android & iOS

Availability – Android and iOS

When it comes to call tracking or blocking apps, then Truecaller would be the first name that comes to our mind. We remember this app went like viral a few years back and since then it has been only growing and growing at an excellent rate. In the app, you can find unusual features like social media integration, call blocking and caller-ID. It can easily replace your regular inbuilt calling apps because it also acts as a dialer.

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The best part is that this app works for SMS too. As in case of calls, for SMS also it will let you know the genuine ones and spam ones. Accordingly, you can choose which one to block and which one to keep.

The app claims to have a database of over 2 billion spam numbers. But everything comes with a downside. The downside of Truecaller is that the available data is crowd-sourced, which means that
your number information won’t be secured. Like it collects the data of other people, it will receive data from your end too. If you care much about your privacy, then this app may not be for you. But, still, if we ignore this fact, the app is very excellent and does its work pretty well. After all, it is the most popular and downloaded app on both Android and iOS platforms.

2) Whoscall

Best call blocking apps for Android & iOS

Availability – Android and iOS

It is a very significant caller-ID app that can be found on almost all major platforms, and that includes Android, iOS and Windows Store. It is pretty smooth and can identify the genuine calls and separate the unnecessary ones. It also has an offline database of over 700 million plus numbers.

Other features which you can find are number management, ShowCard, and blockage of specific keywords or numbers. The app has also been facilitated with different awards like Best Google Play App Award in 2016 and Google Innovation Award in 2013. The best part is that the app is available in more than 31 countries which include big counties like United States, Japan, Brazil, and Thailand.

3) Should I Answer

top call blocking apps

Availability – Android and iOS

If you are someone who received unnecessary calls every often or on a regular basis, then this app is a must-have tool for you. We can understand how frustrating it is to receive unknown calls at some productive hours.

In such case, should I answer will aid you to tackle the unwanted calls. This app provides you details about the caller (name and location). It will also feature other details that include the ratings and reviews for that specific number, allotted by other different users. Some other noticeable features of this app are blockage of calls from hidden numbers, private numbers, and outgoing international calls.

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But again, this app is similar to Truecaller in case of your privacy. It also collects data and stores it in its database. So prior to getting your hands on this call blocking app, understand your concerns.

4) Norton Mobile Security


best call blocking app

Availability – Android and iOS

We are pretty sure that you would have heard about the famous Norton AntiVirus which is available for various kinds of devices. But Norton has its other products too in the market which the public doesn’t know much about.

In this case, we are talking about Norton Mobile Security! The app doesn’t only block calls but also provides various other features like anti-theft, anti-malware, privacy protection, non-secure WiFi detection, etc. If you are looking for the overall security of your phone, then this app is a must for you. The app is not available for free and before downloading you will have to purchase for the first year.

Note: The app is available for the free trial of 30 days so you can decide whether the app is right for you or not.

5) Hiya

call blocking apps for android and ios smartphone

Availability – Android and iOS

Hiya was popularly known as “White Pages” where it used to offer the service of the reverse number lookup. But with time it evolved, and today it provides other features like caller-ID and call blocking facilities.

You can also see details about an unknown caller, edit the settings, get the archive of past rejected numbers and also whitelist the numbers from which you want to continue receiving calls. It has identification for SMS too.

The best thing is that this app is totally free of every sort of ads!. Hiya has been developed by the same people those who are behind the other popular call blocking app, i.e., Mr. Number.

6) Call Controldownload best call blocking apps

Availability – Android and iOS

Another great call-blocking app, which does its work pretty well. The app is trendy for its simple and
snappy user interface. It also has the same working mechanism as with most other apps where spam callers data is accumulated with the help of users.

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In the app, you can block SMS, take advantage of “do not disturb” feature when you don’t want to receive any calls, or you can also create your own blacklist list as per the phone number or area code. The best part about the app is that the calls are blocked mutely, so you are not at all disturbed.

7) RoboKiller

download top call blocker apps for ios smartphone

Availability – iOS

If you want a dedicated and professional call blocking app for iOS platform, then RoboKiller is the best you can get. The app is specialized to block more than 100,000 spam calls, robocalls, and telemarketing calls. The people behind these calls try to act smart by spoofing their number or area code, but the app has been designed in such a way that it still manages to identify them.

In the app, you will find another cool feature known as”Super Caller ID,” which will provide you instant call details of the caller which will include his name, address and sometimes photos. You can also set your own blacklist of numbers that you don’t want to receive calls from.

The app is available for $3 per month where the initial 30 days will be for the free trial, so you can certainly decide whether the app meets your requirements or not. The only sad part is that this brilliant and professional app is available only for iOS platform and not for Android.


It was not that easy to collect the list of best call blocking apps for both Android and iOS. In
the list, you will find both free and paid apps, and regarding features, some offer simplicity whereas
others provide advanced features like overall protection of the device. So we recommend you to choose the app carefully keeping your demands, device specifications, and the privacy concerns in mind.

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