Top 10 Canadian News Apps for iOS

Nowadays news apps are being the necessity for us peoples those who want to get updated all the time about the new happening in the world. We all want to get updated and aware every time, right? But how one could get such active despite being the busy schedule?

It’s been quite challenging for us to get to know what’s going on throughout the world. This is where popular news apps come to the game. The world in which we are living has totally embraced the digital environment. We are not more in the old decade where we usually used to wait for the newspapers. The world has changed a lot in past years as we evolved.

It’s a good practice to get always updated with the world’s news. Now you don’t need to wait a long for your newspapermen. All you need to do is just head over to your smartphone and let it do all the work for you. You can get yourself updated with just the comfort of your smartphone. There are fantastic news apps available on the market that will aid you to get active every day. Moreover, with these apps, you can also filter the news by the topics within the geographic location.

Top 10 Canadian News Apps

Here in this article, I am listing top 1o Canadian news apps for your iOS smartphone. However, these apps are Canadian news apps, but it doesn’t mean they are necessarily bounded to Canada news either.

Okay, now you gotta know what we are going to talk about. So, without any further ado, let’s do it.

1. CTV News Go

[appbox appstore 427789951]

It is one of the best Canadian news apps available for iOS users. Moreover, it is also a highly trusted news source in Canada. If you’re using this app so you won’t get any problem because of its self-explanatory user interface. For iOS users, CTV news app has a section that highlights all the top and viral stories from all across the world. You can also narrow down the news for a particular major city with the help of the “local” section available within in the app.

It also comprises of some other additional sections like entertainment, health, science and tech, politics, and sports.


(iTunes store) Free

2. The Globe and Mall

[appbox appstore 429228415]

Here’s another amazing news application for iOS users. The globe and mall is a fuelled app for business reports, the top stories of Canada and a lot more is comprised of. It comes with an astonishing feature that works on personalized content recommendations based on the user reading habits. This app allows you to scroll through the day’s top stories from Canada. You can also do a keyword search for getting access to the additional content.

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If you are using this app so, you don’t need to take any worry because they have not to share policy, that means they don’t share your personal information with the third party apps for their commercial use.


(iTunes store) Free

3. CBC News App

[appbox appstore 417988800]


This is another big name under the list of top 10 Canadian news apps. You will get everything here that you wanna need. CBC News is a top-rated news app available. If you’re a hardcore news reader, so this is for you. Here you will get everything that matter to you. This app will help you to get the latest news from your region, as well as around the world. Along with the top stories, it also allows you to stream full-screen news videos.

All you can do this with just finger taps on your smartphone screen.


(iTunes store) Free

4. Metro News

[appbox appstore 510467683]


Metro News is one of the most popular free newspaper publishing in the country (Canada). Furthermore, they also running an amazing news app for iOS users, for a reason, we have added this one to our list of Top 10 Canadian news apps. Like the newspaper, their app is also free to use.

The user interface is always being a mandatory benchmark for defining any app out there, irrespective of their type and usage. Metro news comes with a user-friendly theme that doesn’t bother the readers during navigation. You will get everything here regarding local news and international news. They also have editions that published is bigger cities like Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax, and Windsor.


(iTunes store) Free

5. Canadian News: 5 in 1

[appbox appstore 482416263 ]


It’s another giant name in the list. Canadian News: 5 in 1 is responsible for featuring five of Canada’s top newspapers. We can say it’s all in one place for you news loving fellas! We can’t forget this name when it comes to listing Top 10 Canadian news apps in the report.

Now you don’t need to throw your query here and there in the search engines for just get to know about the top newspaper’s publications of Canada. All you need to do is just head over to your iOS smartphone, and you’re done. How cool is this app, right?

This app has simple to use a welcome screen for easy navigation for their users. In short, they have no-brainer user interface. Unlike the aforementioned apps, it’s not a freemium app. But I would like to say it’s worth the price. You’re getting five of Canada’s top newspapers within an app so, I guess, it’s worth spending some penny for such apps.


(iTunes Store) $0.99

6. CKNW News Talk 980

[appbox appstore 417021591 ]


Here’s one more astonishing app for compiling a list of top Canadian news applications. CKNW News is another appealing popular news radio station app available for iOS users. If you guys love to listen to news radio stations so, this app is for you.

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It’s an easy way to access your favorite news stations rather than locating nearest AM radio. Here in this app, you will get to know every happening in Canada and around the world. On Metro Vancouver, you get all the latest information that might be useful. As being a popular news radio app, it also offers you to read up on the written articles too. I have used this app before, and I do recommend you peeps to use it a once and then you will get to know how amazing this app is.

CKNW News Talk 980 audio programmes include The Bill Good Show, SportsTalk with Dan Russell, and the Christy Clark Show. On iTunes, you will get this app for free.


(iTunes store) Free

7. CNW Canadian News App

[appbox appstore 520822241 ]


Let me tell you CNW Group is Canada’s leading Newsline provider. When it comes to top Canadian news app, this is something which has opted its place for the top ones.

It’s one my favorite app out there. CNW Canadian News app is one of the most trustworthy news publications. This app comes with customized versions for iPad and iPhone users. The categories and search option given in the navigation bar always plays a major role when it comes to easy-to-use news application. Moreover, it allows you to save photos, read the news, and even watch the videos.

You won’t regret using this app for your news purposes. The best thing that I liked about this particular Canadian news app is that you can also set alert notifications for the companies and organizations that matter most to you or for your business. If you want to take advantage of this amazing application so, all you need to do is, head over to your iTunes and just get it for free.


(iTunes store) Free

8. News Canada Lite

[appbox appstore 292184397 ]


Canada Lite just got updated. Go and check out their brand new astounding interface. Now its got better UX compare to the old version. The updated version of News Canada Lite allows you to customize each section.

Here in this app, you will get all the latest news bulletins from top news websites of Canada. It’s a freemium app, means you don’t have to pay a single penny. You will be getting Sports, General, Movies, Technology, Business and Regional packages, all for free. It’s quite impressive, right?

Top Canadian news websites are contributing to News Canada. It is indeed an amazing news app available for free. Now, you can read news from all the major newspaper publication of Canada with the help of this app. Furthermore, News Canada provides easy to use interface to their users along with fresh news. It’s get updated every hour so, that you don’t need to take any worry.

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Canada Lite is another reliable name that has opted its name in the list of top 10 Canadian news apps. It also allows you to create your customized news page. You can open safari for offline viewing and lot more features it has comprised of. Apart from this News Canada Lite is among the top downloaded News app in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and India. Download this astonishing news app right away and take all the advantages for free.


(iTunes store) Free

9. Free Press News

[appbox appstore 302385357 ]


If you guys are looking for something like an online digital news source so, FP News is for you to go for. It is one of the newest and popular Canadian news app available on iTunes.

It is responsible for bringing you up fresh news from all over the world. Here in this app, you will get national and international news, sports, business, opinion, photos, entertainment and celebrity updates. Now get updated anywhere and anytime with the help of this fabulous Canadian news app. It is a new prescriptive and a new choice in the field of news and information. Get latest breaking national and international news with just the comfort of your smartphone. You peeps can imagine how convenient it is. It’s like 24*7 access to your favorite sports news and fresh updates from your beloved teams and athletes.

Moreover, if you are a business person, FP News is a must-have app for you too. It has a lot more amazing features that will aid you to get updated every f****** time. So, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and get this app for free, right now.


(iTunes store) Free

10. Canada News

[appbox appstore 306631469 ]


What are the features you think an ideal news app should have? Well, Canada News has everything up to the mark. When it comes to listing top 10 Canada news apps, we couldn’t complete without adding this name. Do you want to get updated with all the latest happening in Canada? If yes so, Canada News is something which comes to the rescue. With the help of this application now it becomes very easy to get aware of the latest bulletins all over the world. You will get news from the top Canadian news websites.

Canada news app has more than 30 Canadian news sources. It is also known for its simple and easy to use news navigation. Now, you can customize the news sources according to your own.

The best thing that I liked about this Canadian news app is it supports offline browsing. If you want to get this app, just search the app name in iTunes store.


(iTunes store) $0.99

That’s all fellas! The aforementioned list of top 10 Canadian news apps is cataloged based on their user ratings, popularity and news search functionalities.

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