How to Create a Website on Blogger Step by Step [With Demo]

Hey Reader, Hope you guys are doing well,  In this session I’m gonna show you that how to create a website on Blogger but before this let me tell you something about Blogger. Blogger is a blogging service provided by the tech giant Google. It is free, reliable most of the time, and quite enough to publish your stuff on the web. and the Best part is you don’t have to pay money for hosting. Check this out if you have no basic knowledge about Website building- how to create a website in 10 minutes skip this if you have already read it.

Steps to Follow-

Below are the steps which you have to follow to Create a Website on Blogger

1.  First of all visit Blogger by Clicking Here


You will get a page like this 😀 , Simply click on Create your blog

2. You will get a sign-in option from google account so create a new account or login if you have already registered on Google before.

3.  In this Step Simply Click on New Blog Option that you can see in the image below

4. Now after clicking on New Blog you will get a Page like this, Just choose simple domain that  you are want to and give it a Title. Now Click on Create Blog.

Woohoo!! You have done the half steps.

Note: You can stop here if you don’t want to use a custom domain such as

Just start creating posts and design your web with some good templates.

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Just start creating posts and design your web with some good templates.

Add Custom Domain on Blogger

To install a Custom domain you will have to buy a Custom domain for your Blog. You can buy a domain from Various Domain Selling Websites such as Godaddy, Bigrock or Bluehost.

I bought a dot com domain from Godaddy during Sale so let me do the demo on that domain 😀

  1. First of all Signup or Sign in on and choose a domain as your wish
  2. Add it to cart and do the payment and Grab your domain.

Now login to your Blogger Dashboard and head over to settings>basics and there you will get an option Publishing >Blog address > + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog:


Click on Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog option and Put the custom domain which you recently bought.


Now Click on Save option. After saving you will get an error –We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.


On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs:

Name, Label or Host field Destination, Target or Points To field

See our detailed instructions on providing CNAMEs for various registrars or see the full settings instructions for more details. If you are having trouble entering the second CNAME to, you can verify your ownership of this domain with a TXT record through Google Webmaster Tools here instead.
If your domain provider supports it, download the DNS settings file.

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You will get this option there. Now simply copy the CNAME details, and signin to your domain registrar account. In my case it was Godaddy. 

Setting up CNAME and A Record for BlogSpot Custom-Domain Name

You will get this type of dashboard, Click on the domain name and click on DNS Zone.

Click on Add Record option from the pop-up select CNAME record & add both the record one by one from your BlogSpot setting screen. Here is both the image to make it easy for you to understand the setup.


Click  on Add another & copy the second CNAME record from your BlogSpot page:


Nopw click on Finish Button and save the settings.

Adding A records to your Domain DNS 

This is the last step. You have to add 4 IP Address in your Domain DNS. Don’t worry it’s totally a same process all you need to do is choose A Record instead of using CNAME. I am showing you on Example and rest is same.

Click on add A Record select A name under record type. In the Hostname part add @ and on Destination IPv4 address add

Like this you need to have total 4 A record and your final screen for A record will look like this. Here are the  I.P. address of 4 A record which you need to add.

After completing the above steps, save the settings. Usually it takes around 2-3minutes to setup but it may take upto 12 to 48 hours so don’t get panic just keep calm and wait for few time and you are done. 😀

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Now install some Beautiful template and start writing. Boom!!! You are done 😀


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