6 Best and Free Compass Apps For Android [Most Popular]

Free Compass Apps For Android

In the ancient times, People used to watch the directions and navigation using a compass. The compass is a device used for navigation and orientation. Most of the time people with interest in camping and hiking use it to find the directions while camping or hiking in forests or mountains. I remember when my grandmother gave me a compass as my 17th birthday gift and from that time, I have kept that compass with me. I used to take it with me while going on trips like hiking. A Compass with a correct map works perfectly at any situation. It’s the oldest and traditional way for navigation. If you’ll see old movies about ancient culture, you’ll notice that people used to find directions with the compass.

Best Compass Apps

With the rapid growth in technology, things are changed a lot. There are a lot more advanced gadgets have replaced the compass instrument. Now if you want to find directions, you just need to use Google Map and you’ll have the map of this whole world within your pockets. But if you love using old and traditional ways which I love as well, you can download some of the best compass applications for Android devices. You can easily install free compass app for Android in seconds and you can do a lot of adventure in traditional ways. Most of the Android devices come with inbuilt Compass app but some of the devices do not. Also, few apps are not that good or smart to fulfil our needs of a perfect compass. One of the most important thing that we have to remember is that these compass apps only work if you have the magnetic sensor on your device so make sure that your device has a magnetic sensor and it’s working.

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Best Compass Apps For Android

In this post, we’re going to talk about the top best compass apps for android that you can use without having a real Compass. The apps we’re going to list are best and totally free. You don’t really need to pay a single buck to use these compass apps for android. So let’s see below.

1. Compass 360 Pro Free

[appbox googleplay com.pro.app.compass]

Compass 360 Pro Free is the top popular android compass app that you can use for free. If you’re a fan of travel, picnics, camping, hiking or boating then this is probably the best application to make your adventure better. Compass 360 brings a lot of features such as the professional design of this application makes you feel the real compass. Simple to use, use it like a real compass. With the decimal bearing, the user gets the detailed direction options This application has the option to change the languages as well.  Also with cardinal bearing, you can find a quick way of expressing general direction to others.

2. Smart Compass

[appbox googleplay kr.sira.compass]

As you find out with the name, Smart Compass does the same. Smart Compass is the 2nd most popular Compass app for android on google playstore. Smart Compass has some of the great features such as this application supports GPS and Google Maps which helps a lot when you’re stuck in the middle of a forest or a mountains range. With this Smart compass, you can easily find the way home because of this features.

3. Digital Compass

[appbox googleplay com.vincentlee.compass ]

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Digital Compass is what it says it’s named. Digital Compass is an android compass that works like a charm if you need to use it for your adventure use. This compass is filled with features such as  Sensor status, Latitude, longitude and address, Magnetic strength, True heading and magnetic heading, Full-screen map and Slope level meter. Digital Compass has a very simple and pretty layout. This application has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play store.

4. Compass for Android – App Free

[appbox googleplay tntstudio.supercompass]

With a beautiful and easy layout, Compass for android is one of the most popular compass apps that you can try for free. The easy to use Compass app for android is very effective application and works like charm always. this application allows providing accurate information very fast. The UI looks black and provides a little realistic feel as well.

5.3D Compass Plus

[appbox googleplay com.a0soft.gphone.aCompassPlus]
If you want to experience a little better view of 3D option with Compass then this is something you should probably install on your android phone. This app is a compass app with augmented reality view, , and provides GPS information real-time map update. It is a fun app to play with and a useful tool when travelling.

6. Compass

[appbox googleplay com.fulminesoftware.compass ]

With a beautiful UI and easy to use layout, Compass is filled with a lot of great features if you’re looking for best compass app for Android. Compass app allows you to look at the lock screen as well. The app shows direction and distance as well as altitude difference to the selected destination. Aso you can mark current location to navigate back to the same place. Compass has the feature to copy, paste, share and view GPS coordinates on the map.

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Conclusion: I really hope that you liked the post and found what you were actually looking for. In this post, we wrote about some of the top best Compass Apps that you can install on your android phone. The apps are completely tested by our team and they all work like charm. If you have any questions, queries or comment on this post, please comment and let us know. One of our team members will reply to your concern as soon as possible. Thanks for reading our post.

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