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proxy servers and proxy sites

Do you want to know more about Proxy Servers & Proxy Sites? Using this you can access the wealth of information on the Internet without giving up your privacy, ? Magic

It’s out of mind, isn’t it? 

At the beginning of my journey with the internet, there is a common problem that we all face and this is blocked access to our favorite sites and apps.

Say…… how many times it happens to you when you are looking for a website over the search engine and videos on YouTube, it results shows this video or website is blocked.

It’s really annoying personally, I hate that ( lost in emotions !!! )?

Proxy server Proxy sites

After searching for a while, I found a lot of proxy servers and sites, where there is no such word exist like, blocked. At this point, you all have questions in your mind ( as a beginner what is the proxy servers, how it works and its use). For all your questions read the whole article as it contains updated and the core information, basic question answers with additional information.

It’s time to begin the thrilling ride in the world of proxy servers, At the end, there is a bonus  (10 amazing proxy sites) ?  ….. Be with me

Learn about proxy servers

A proxy server is server (software system or a computer application) which process and fulfills requests for the client computer, Which may be requesting services from the internet or other servers.

Basically, it works as an intermediary between the clients and the destination server (I know it’s quite tough to understand for a person who just entered in the proxy world) ? Let’s take an example, to get a better idea about proxy servers……. Here it is

Proxy servers and Proxy sites

If you are connected to a proxy server than whatever site you want to visit, the files you are requesting for, or any other services that you want it’s requested first goes to ISP (Internet Service Provider) then proxy server.
After that proxy server works on behalf of you and fulfills your request.

Now I think we all have a basic image of the proxy server in our mind. Let’s take it deep with this additional information. A proxy server may exist on a separate machine, which forward your request through the firewall, or it may exist on the same machine as a firewall server.

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Did you know how things work with proxy servers?

First, it’s  important for you to have a basic knowledge about IP address. How it works, and I think we all have that let’s revise it with an example…

You can compare IP address with the address of your apartment. The IP address is the address of your device on the web, which is used to locate you on the internet. Working with or without a proxy server. If you are not using a proxy server and requesting services over the internet, your request first goes to ISP after that ISP makes the request for you on the internet. In the whole process, ISP reveals your real IP address on the internet.

If we are using a proxy server, your request first goes to IPS after that proxy server and then to the destination web site or server. In this process your IP address is hidden, a proxy server is requesting services on behalf of you.

Basic and most important type of proxy servers

Open (forward) proxy – The forward proxy server is the server which connects you to the resources you are looking for. Basically, it’s a proxy which takes requests from a user and connects you to the destination site or the servers. Users access forward proxies by configuring their Internet settings or by directly surfing to a web proxy address.

Proxy servers and Proxy sites

If you are looking for a particular information on the internet, the result that search engine shows vary with your IP address. The forward proxy server is used to hide IP address from search engines to get the most prominent.

Forward proxy is used for 

• Content filtering

• E-mail security

• Compliance reporting

Reverse proxy

The reverse proxy is contrary to a forward proxy, a forward proxy is responsible for connecting users to the destination site or resources, a reverse proxy is a server side concepts used to create a connection between the internet and the clients.

Proxy servers and Proxy sites

Web servers use reverse-proxying functionality for shielding application frameworks of weaker HTTP capabilities. In easy words, you can say that forward proxy is used to hide the identity of a client and reverse proxy is used to hide an identity of the server.

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Use of Reverse proxy

• Accelerate web surfing

• Speed provide

• Security-anonymity

• Load balancing

At this point, the things got pretty messed up … I was talking you this and that, now take a while (have a coffee!!!)? the best part is yet to come…….

Next one is best known for its security services . . . let’s start

SSL proxy

SSL stands for Secure Shell Proxy, it is used to ensure an end to end transmission of data between the server and the client vice versa. It provides various authentication layers, privacy, and data integrity during the transfer of data that’s why it is also known as Transport Layer Security (TLS). SSL proxy is transparent that why neither client nor server detects it’s presences. Below are the some of the devices those can support SSL

SRX1500, SRX345, SRX550M, SRX4200, SRX4100, SRX340, SRX5800, SRX5400, and SRX5600

Next one is one my favorite proxy (it will become your favorite too)…

our favorite too)…   ? check it out

Anonymous proxy 

It’s similar as its name refers, an anonymous proxy is used to hide your IP address from the website owner, eavesdroppers, and other sources which send you advertisements articles and link based on your location.

It is also capable of blocking annoying advertisement and eliminating cookies which track your activity, it provides you protection from the invader of disturbing factors while you are browsing. An anonymous proxy server also provides SSL.

SOCK Proxy

SOCK is the short form of SHOCKet, In SHOCK proxy the connection is set through the transfer of message packets over the network. It is compulsory for your PC to have a capability to handle SOCKS protocol and to operate and maintain a SOCKS server to use SOCKS proxy server.

SOCKS proxy is different from the normal proxy because it’s an application. The connection creates an IP tunnel which deploys a firewall.

3 Importance uses of Proxy servers

Improving performance – the proxy server is used to increase the surfing speed by compressing web pages, traffic on a busy day, catches and blocking annoying ads while you are browsing. This will free up bandwidth and increase internet access speed.

To Monitor and filter – It provides administrative control over the content that is passed through the proxy server on the either side of it, and to restrict fallacious sites in the workplace, school or colleges.
It also provides protection from the virus and malware by providing a real time scan of incoming content before it enters the network.

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Security – A proxy is used to keep the internal network structure of any organization secret from the outside world at the same time it makes service requesting person anonymous on a local network. It also combines with a firewall to provide greater privacy.

Best free proxy sites

By using any of the proxy sites stated below, you are able to bypass the firewall, restricting you from accessing your favorite apps and sites.

Filter bypass

This proxy site comes in first because of its ease of use and completely free service with an awesome website.   In its home page, there is a where you can enter URL of the site you want to open with other options like if the connection is needed to encrypted and cookies are allowed etc.

Proxy Sites

This proxy site provides you various server from UK and US if on is not working for you can easily find another. This site has a great user interface.

Below are some of the widely used proxies. Don’t forget to check it out.


Unlock my
Hide my


Free YouTube Proxy –

The site is not that good but this website is reliable always gives the right result and the pop-up window is irritating on the screen.

Proxy –

It is different from the other proxy server sites, it is a directory of all free proxy server around the world. The home page contains information about proxy server and in sidebar list of proxy sites

NOTE – If you have any queries, doubts, or suggestions regarding Proxy Servers & Proxy Sites so you guys can tell us here by just comments down below. our blog managing team will help you for sure.

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