How to Create a Professional Looking Website in 10 Minutes

How to Create a Professional Looking Website in 10 Minutes

Hey Beautiful People how are you? Everyone has a dream to have a website to either make their Profile Website, Resume or a Blog in which they can write things in which they are expert. Like if you are a Maths Teacher then you can write Blog tutorials in which you can post some easy tricks to solve Maths Equations or if you are a Doctor then you can write something which is beneficial for our health. But some people actually don’t know how to make a Website. They think that it’s a type of programming and I’m not an expert or I don’t know how to code :p Well, Building a Website is not a rocket science and if you followed my steps carefully then I’m sure that you will build a website very easily.

As I told you before that building a website is not a Rocket Science. So you just have to follow my 3 Easy Steps and you are done 😀 looking cool right? Let’s do it 😀

You have to follow these 3 Easy Steps 😀

  1. Choose a Website Building Platform
  2. Choose your website address (www.) and host
  3.  Setup, design and tweak your website

Step 1: Choose a Website Building Platform

If you are wondering about what is a Website Building Platform? then let me tell you that before few years Building a Website was a Quite difficult thing for Common people as those days websites were created via Coding Languages such as Html, CSS, PHP etc but Now a day’s Content Management System ( CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Blogger have taken their places by which creating a website is getting much easier and we can create a Stunning and Beautiful Looking Professional Website in few minutes.

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Note: If you are creating a Free website then you must go with Blogger

Step 2: Choose your website address (www.) and host

To land your website on the Internet, you need a particular domain name which is something like your address on Internet but how will you get it?  It’s quite easy if you choose Blogger which provides you a Sub-domain for free, it starts like but you can buy a domain for just 2-3$ from Godaddy or Bigrock and put it on your Blogger Website which will give you a more professional look. If you are going to use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal you have to spend some bucks for hosting your website. If you are unaware from the word “hosting” then let me tell you that it’s like a space you are renting on the Internet to land your website.

Step 3: Setup, design and tweak your website

After putting your domain on Blogger or any Web Building Platform you have to setup it and design it. You can simply Install some beautiful templates according to your need. Create Pages and title them for which Niche you are making it. Now Start Posting what you like on your Blog.

My Experience- When I started designing websites I got to know that WordPress is the best Platform to design Websites. It has provided a hell lot of unique Design Themes and useful plugins whereas on Blogger, Joomla etc there is not much Customization. Best Part is WordPress platform is free and Open Source. You have to spend some money if you are deploying your website for hosting.

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Three Most Popular Site Building Platforms in 2016

Look at this graph above, It clearly shows the popularity of WordPress. About 50% of Websites are Build on WordPress Comparing other Site Building Platforms

I hope you liked this Post to  Create a Professional Looking Website in 10 Minutes. If you like it then don’t forget to share it with your friends because sharing is caring.  🙂

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