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How to take a screenshot in Windows

How to take a screenshot in Windows? If you want to know how, so be with us because today we’re going to show you how to take a screenshot in windows (for all versions).

Capturing the screen in Windows is easy, isn’t?

How to take a screenshot in Windows

If you are using a computer with Windows platform. Then you already know that there are dozens of ways, to answer the question “how to take a screenshot in Windows” 

Here we will gonna discuss all pro ways (all possible answers) for providing you a bunch of easy and effective methods for taking a screenshot in Windows.

Note: In this article, we will cover the methods of taking screenshots in Windows 10, we will also include methods related to another operating system like; Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8.1. Some of these methods may work for one operating system but not for other.

Let’s begin with the screenshot…


What is a screenshot?

In easy word’s it’s a real-time image of data, picture and anything that is displayed on the screen at that moment.

As you all already know about, so it’s just for recall before the beginning of the main course.


Top 9 ways – How to take a screenshot in Windows?

How to take a screenshot in Windows

Keyboard shortcuts ( for lazy persons like me!!!! )

1) Windows + PrtScn

The first method is the best method, it works on almost all computers. The advantage of using this method is, the screenshot will automatically be saved in pictures library >> screenshot folder. You just have to hit Windows +PrtScn and your screenshot will automatically be saved there with name screenshot (no.of screenshot).png.

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2) Ctrl + PrtScn / PrtScn

Now I have another method for you. it’s quite easy as previous one, you just have to press the Ctrl + PrtScn keys and your screenshot will be captured.

Bonus:- Here I have another method for you, you can also take a screenshot just by using the PrtScn key from your keyboard.

In this method screenshot will not save automatically, you have to go to the desired location where you want to save it, after that use Edit >> paste option.


3) Alt + PrtScn

It is another possible way to answer your question, how to take a screenshot in Windows. It’s a similar method to the previous ones, the only difference here is that you all have already noticed is, we are using Alt in place of a Ctrl key. Instead of that, there is no other difference in the working of these methods (Alt + PrtScn and Ctrl + PrtScn).


 4) Windows + Shift + S / Windows + Alt + PrtScn

This method is one of my favorite methods for taking a screenshot in Windows. When you hit all three keys at the same time. The screen will turn into gray and mouse cursor also turns out. Now it’s all up to you either you want to take a screenshot of whole screen or a section of it, you can easily do it just by dragging your mouse.

In this method you have to save screenshot manually like previous ones by using Edit >> Paste option. This method works only in Windows 10’s Creators Update

If you have a Fn key on your keyboard, then there are many additional ways to take a screenshot on Windows 10.

This time,  It will be a basic touch of it (I know what you guys are thinking, don’t worry I’ll not bore you) Haha,?  I’m good in mind reading.


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5) Fn + PrtScn

This method is similar to Ctrl + PrtScn method that was discussed above, the only difference here is that you have to hit Fn key from your keyboard with PrtScn. After that, you have to save screenshot manually.


6) Windows + Fn + PrtScn

Hit the all the three keys from your keyboard, and it’s done your screenshot is captured.  The plus point of using this method is that captured screenshot will be saved automatically in Pictures >> screenshot library.


 7) Fn + Alt + PrtScn

Here you have to press Fn + Alt + PrtScn at the same time, then your screenshot will be captured, after that, you have to save it manually.

If you are using a Microsoft tablet, Surface or Surface Pro here you have to use a different key set because there is no PrtScn key available on the type cover. For these tablet’s, the methods are different. Check it out below…

a) Fn + spacebar

You can easily take a screenshot in windows tablets by pressing Fn+ spacebar from the clipboard. Then you have to paste it manually.

b) Fn + Alt + spacebar

It’ll take a screenshot of active Windows after that you have to save it manually. You can compare this method with Fn +Alt + PrtScn.


Desktop shortcuts and Apps use

8)  How to use snipping tool

This Snipping tool is a part of Windows operating system since from a long time. It was first introduced in Windows Vista. The snipping tool is used to take a screenshot in different forms like a screenshot of an open window, free-form, rectangular window or an entire window.

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In Windows 10 snipping tool has a few new option. One of them is Delay”. By clicking on it, a drop-down window will appear from where you can choose how long you would like to wait before your screenshot is taken.

How to take a screenshot in windows


The another one is   New” by clicking on it, you can choose which type of screenshot you want.

After that, you just have to wait for the time interval you set. Once it is passed your screen will freeze and fade now it’s show time, either it will take screenshot according to the option you have selected in New” or you can take a screenshot manually.


9) Taking screenshots with the help of Snagit tool

If you take lots of screenshots and want more flexibility, then Snagit is the best tool for you. It’s a paid tool by TechSmith with tons of features for all screenshot addicted persons.

How to take a screenshot in windows


Now take a look at its features: you can take a short video, draw over screenshots, annotate screenshot and pretty much everything that you could imagine with a screenshot.

NOTE – In this article, we tried to cover commonly used methods for taking screenshots. We include all the methods from clipboard keys to apps for taking a screenshot. I hope all this information will full fill your query about How to take a screenshot in windows? Thanks for being with us.

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