iOS Emulator for Android – Download 2 Amazing Emulators For Free

ios emulator for android

iOS emulator for Android, what’s that?

Well, It is a mobile magic Cohension syrup for uniting north and south pole of Operating system world.

Have you got my point?

Not yet, right? Okay so, don’t worry here we are going to clear the whole concept in a simple & easy way (non-technical way).

ios emulator for android

Have you seen above image? is something weird?

iOS apps on an Android phone, right? Do you want to know how?

If yes, then continue reading…

Have you ever try or imagine to use iOS and Android operating system on a single device, to collaborate the stability and security of iOS with the vast user-friendly interface option in Android?

Yes, you can do that, by simply downloading free emulator app ( iOS emulator for Android ). These apps give you the power to run the iOS application on your Android device.

Now let’s start the things with the intro of these free apps and how you can download them, after that we will take a quick view of the question like benefits and features of using these iOS emulator apps.

What do you mean by emulator?

In simple word, you can imagine it as an application, that allows other operating systems to run on the device primary operating system. It helps the user to use a different operating systems over the hardware of the device. 

An Emulator is used for running two software (Operating system’s) on a single device.

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iOS emulator for Android – iEMU APK

iEMU (APK) emulator works parallel to any iOS, it ensures that you can run iOS apps on your Android device without hanging and lacking to use your phone’s full capacity. iEMU emulator is developed and tested by the eminent Android specialist,  you will not face any intriguing for any thing when you are using iOS apps on your Android device.

ios emulator for android

5 easy steps to download iEMU APK

  • First, you have to download the iEMU emulator application. 
  • This iEMU APK file takes around 61 MB size in your app storage memory.
  • After the download is finished, transfer the APK file to your Android device and then install it.
  • After the installation process of iEMU file, you will see an app with the name Padoid on your home screen (if it doesn’t show any icon, restart your device).
  • Now open this Padiod application and start using the iOS apps on your Android device.

We suggest you tweak your Android phone to make its functions smoother and faster. You will get a smoother interface with iOS app and it would reduce freezing and the hanging problem of your phone.

Note: Padiod application of iEMU supports .ipas and .zip file only.

Minimum Device spec. requirements for using an iOS emulator for Android – 

Minimum 512 MB or more RAM

Pro tip – At least 1GB is recommended for hassle-free installation.

At least 70MB+ device storage.

Android version v2.3 Gingerbread or later version.

Pro tip – KitKat is preferred, and Lollipop and marshmallow later on.

Cider APK

As an Android user I prefer using Cider app aka Cycada APK over  iEMU emulator, this app not only runs iOS apps on your Android device smoothly without any hassle it also provides you the authority to download your favorite apps and games from Apple store.

ios emulator for android


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How to download Cider APK?

  • First, you have to download the application (download it from the official site of Cider APK).
  • Once you have finished downloading the app, then you can install this app, for installtion follow the same steps that shown in iEMU emulator installation process.

Note:- Cider APK will not support GPS, Bluetooth, and other location based services. It is in developmental process right now, in near future it will be the best iOS emulator in the market.

Till now we have seen how to install iEMU and Cider emulator. Meanwhile, it’s also important to discuss both the aspects of using an iOS emulator on an Android device, it’s boon and bane for you.

Benefits of using iOS emulator on your Android device

Either you are an iOS user or an Android, you will find pros and cons in your mobile OS. By using Android you will experience better app availability and customization with a larger user-friendly platform world wide.

As Apple is spending lots of money on the research and development of their iOS operating system, it’s maintenance and suppressing the bugs. In iOS you feel seamless multitasking and hassle free user experience. you may be more productive if you are running iOS operating system.

To enhance the user experience, bug-free functioning and for providing better multitasking platform Google just launched Oreo ( Android v8.0 ), for keeping the competition toe to toe apple is going to launch iOS11 with the launch of iPhone 8 this year

As a phone lover I prefer to use both iOS and Android, depending on the task that I have to accomplish. But it’s not possible for everyone to pay a jaw dropping amount for a iOS handset, here comes the iOS emulator that helps a normal user to use an iOS operating system on his Android device.

Let’s check the pros of using iOS emulator on Android device – 

It will provide you higher level user interface experience of an iOS operating system to the low costing Android device.

It gives you the authority to download and install iOS apps and games on your Android device.

You will download almost all popular iOS app through this iOS emulator and it works fine without any glitch.
iOS emulator provides you all the features of an iOS device to your Android handset.

It supports all gamepads included Xperia Play Built.

It is very easy to download this iOS emulator for android and use it for free.

Cons of using iOS emulator

In my point of view using these apps will provide you better user experience and you can take benefits of both operating systems. The only thing that I like to mention here is that these apps will not work on each and every Android device. Sometimes emulator works on your one phone but not on other, you can try your luck.

NOTE – I hope all these information provided here will fulfill your queries. For any doubts and suggestions regarding iOS Emulator for Android contact us by commenting down below.

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