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ios emulator for windows

Is your desire is to use iOS devices? but the out of pocket, jaw dropping cost of iOS devices stops you? So, let me tell you about a thing, whom you can call – iOS emulator for Windows.

Have you ever heard about it before? If you are confused about this stuff, you are not alone, and we’re here to help.

Now it’s possible for you to use iOS apps on your Windows Operating system, without paying that heavy price. You can do it with the help of iOS emulator for Windows. It makes your desire fulfill, without disappearing money from your pocket.

ios emulator for windows

Maybe, now you all are curious to know, what’s that emulator, and the best iOS emulator for Windows in the market.

What is iOS emulator?

Emulators are nothing but virtual machines that enables primary operating system ( host OS ) to behave like another operating system, it enables the guest operating system to run software or use devices that are originally used primarily by the host operating system.

ios emulator for windows

Suppose if you are using an iOS Emulator for Windows then, iOS Emulator allows you to use the iOS app on your Windows computer with the same user interface experience. Developer use Emulator for testing purposes of their beta version app on cross-platforms.

There are many different types of operating system emulator are available in the market, but some platforms are most famous that everybody wants to know about. Here we have something Interesting for you.

Want’s to know what?

Here you go – IOS Emulator for Android

Now let’s start the things with the best 5 iOS emulator for Windows in the market, after that, we will discuss its benefits and at last, there is something special for you.

5 Awesome and free iOS emulator for Windows 


The primarily smart face is an iOS emulator that offers all the functionality of an iOS device plus it gives you the power to develop Cross platform applications. Smartface is a software for app development, that allows you to develop applications free of cost. All you have to do is to download the app from its host website.

iOS Emulator for Windows

After the installation, smart-face provides you the debugging options such as real time code change and breakpoints etc for developed apps, that comfort the developers to work on it and develop the app. On smart-face, you can develop iOS apps from the nascent state and test it in the iOS ecosystem.

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Now, look at major features of smart-face.

  • Smartface provide you Plugins support to extend its apps
  • Javascript Library
  • Smartface comes with WYSIWYG Design editor
  • It gives you the power of Testing and debugging apps.
  • Enterprise plugins and service.

Notes: For the system to work in sync, it is important to have an iTunes installed in your windows device.
Debugging and testing options are available in the premium version, not in free one.

Key note: Meanwhile it’s also important for you to know that you can also smart-face with the same efficiency on the Android platform.

Download: https://www.smartface.io/

Price: Free; for premium version it starts from $99

Supported device: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7, Android, iPhone, Pad

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone is considered as world’s best emulator that create an extremely realistic replica of iOS GUI ( Graphical User Interface ), first, you need Adobe Air framework support for running this Emulator only after that you will run iOS applications on your Windows platform computer.

Using this Air iPhone Emulator provides an advantage to developers, they can test their newly developed application by upload it in Air iPhone Emulator and check its functionality and how it feels to use their application before actual release. If there is any intriguing with the functionality of your application you can fix it, it’s a great Testing platform.

Although it’s a great iOS Emulator, as you know everything has a good and bad side with it, air iPhone is not a full functionality emulator you will find a running app difference in original device and emulator, some core applications like Safari web browser is not found in it. However, people are using it to feel how it looks like to use an iPhone OS.

MobiOne studio

At present MobiOne is considered as most versatile and easy to use software that allows their user to use different iOS applications with the development of the new iOS application. MobiOne help developers to develop Cross platform mobile application for iOS and Android, it is an iPhone simulator for Windows cum emulator for iOS. Newly developed apps are built on HTML 5 hybrid native app model by means of PhoneGap/ Cordova open source framework.

ios emulator for windows

It gives you a tons of options for customization and modification of user interface such as:-

  • You can create status notifications on the desktop
  • Web app and share app links via email
  • Configure your app to run on iPad and iPhone
  • App branding with custom icons
  • With the help of AppCenter progress view, you can check status of your app
  • After the completion of a project, it will automatically download the app installation file on your computer.
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Download: http://mobione-studio.software.informer.com/download/

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad

Xamarin Testflight

We prefer you to use this, it’s simply the best iOS emulator for Windows, it’s in association with Apple.
You can say that this platform is offered by Apple to you, for emulating iOS apps and testing them on Windows device.

ios emulator for windows

How to use Xamarine TestFlight

  • Create an “App Store Distribution Profile” with the new beta rights.
  • Create iTunes Connect Record for new apps

To create an iTunes Connect record follow these steps

  1. Log in to iTunes Connect Portal with your Apple developer login id
  2. Then you have to choose “My Apps”
  3. After that now click on the + button at top right-hand corner of the user interface to add a fresh app
  4. Then you will see an app addition confirmation pop-up.
  • Archive and publish your app to the iTunes connect

To upload new developments you need to follow these steps

  1. Create your final distributable in the IDE
  2. Then submit your app to the Apple store using the application loader or via the Archive option in Xcode.
  • Manage beta testing by adding Metadata,
  • Note: for metadata length is Internal Users (Max 25), for External Users (Max 2000)
  • After that you just have to receive feedback, take action and get back to archiving and publishing the app.

Price: Starts at $25 per month

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad

Download: https://store.xamarin.com/

iPad simulator

If you have a financial problem in buying an Apple iPad due to it’ h high cost then this is the amazing option for you. Ipad simulator works as a cloud operating system and a Chrome browser simulator. iPad simulator is a Google chrome extension, it gives you an iPad GUI or Graphical User Interface on your windows computer.

ios emulator for windows

The key features of this Chrome extension are:

  • You can use Siri without an iPad
  • Access everything on the cloud network.
  • You can organize your cloud desktop with your preferred iPad apps
  • Launch and connect the simulator with web service with a single click
  • Use can use screensavers
  • It provides you HD animated background.
  • Simple and elegant iPad interface replica.
  • Drag and drop apps
  • Multi-tasking in iPad simulator.
  • Easily find apps with the search and browse page.
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Use and benefits of iOS simulator 

Having an Emulator in your device gives you the authority of not only using user primary operating system besides of this you can take benefits of other apps that are not available on your host Operating System.

Now let’s check what are these key advantages and benefits you have by using iOS Emulator for Window:

  • You can Test your iOS apps during the development process
  • It helps you to find the major issues in your app during early testing and design.
  • You can Test your app with developer tools, which are available only for a simulator.
  • Emulators are free to use and provided with the SDK
  • Easy to install
  • Requires no high-tech processor systems.
  • Faster programming and simple to use.

We have almost finished all the topics yet one topic is remaining that we will discuss here, by virtue of its similarity with Emulator and to make things more transparent.

Differences between Emulator and Simulator

Although they sound similar in pronunciation, they are not twin brothers!!!!!

ios emulator for windows

An emulator is used to replicate the software and hardware ecosystem found in host Operating System. You can use Emulator to substitute an original Operating System with guest Operating System, to get an experience of a new operating system on the host system. It’s correct to say that emulator is a combination of software and hardware ecosystem of a device.

An emulator is used for modification of applications their testing in the different operating system and debugging before the actual release of it. Emulators are basically used by non-iOS users who want to experience the iOS interface.

On the other hand, a simulator can only replicate software environment of the corresponding host but doesn’t endeavor to replicate its hardware. The simulator is used for study and analysis purpose. In the simulator, codes run faster and smoother and it launches instantly, in simulator some application may run or some others may not.

Based on the specifications, an emulator is greatly preferred by developers and users to test drive apps due to its flexibility and user-friendly features.

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