Recover Deleted Files From Android Device [No PC Required]

Sometimes we delete photos, videos, and other important documents by mistake or intentionally and regrets later. Sometimes these files and documents are so much important that they can create a huge loss. That’s why we going to provide you the best way to Recover Deleted Files From Android Device without PC. 

There are a lot of tutorials available on the internet but still those all do not work completely. Sometimes you require a PC or some special software which can cost you a lot of money but in this article, we will show you the best way to recover deleted files from an android device in a very easy way.

First of all, I want to let you know that this process will not require root access but this app will perform better if you have root access and if you don’t know what is root and how to root an android device then read out the full guide here

If the root is successful then you can verify it by using this application Root Checker. DOWNLOAD ROOT CHECKER

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Without Computer

Well recovering deleted photos, videos, and files from PC would be  easier but if you don’t have a PC then don’t worry. We will provide you a detailed info about how to get back deleted files from mobile. Follow the below steps clearly and you can easily recover your deleted files from your android device.

  1. First of all, download the DiskDigger photo recovery Application from Play store by clicking the download button.   DiskDigger Photo Recovery [Application Size: 900KB only]

    DiskDigger photo recovery Application
    DiskDigger photo recovery Application
  2. After downloading the Application, run the application and when you will run the application, you will see below screen.
  3. On the screen, you will get 2 options. In the first option, there is a Basic Scan which means you do not require root access and you will be able to recover your images and data without any expert knowledge but the app will perform a limited scan only.  Now, in second option you will see a Full Scan option in which you will be able to recover the complete data on your device in all possible ways.
  4. So, if you don’t have root access then choose the first option and do a basic scan. In this option, the application will do a basic scan and will recover all images that are deleted but the scan will be limited as we told you earlier.
  5. If your device has root access then it will be more easy and beneficial for you because the application will work better and you will get approx 99% of Data recovered. If you don’t know about rooting an android device or how to root an android phone then please do read the post by clicking here. There are lot’s of advantages and disadvantages of rooting an android device so must check it out by clicking here.
  6. If your device is rooted then the app will auto-detect it and will provide the second option. In this option, you will able to recover your all photos without any issues.
  7. This application is also available in paid option with some awesome features for less than 3$. So, if you want some better features then you can buy Disk Digger Pro from Playstore by spending 3 dollars.  We are listing some features of the paid app that can helpful for you.

Features of DickDigger Pro Application

Disk Digger Pro comes with some great features which are listed below.

  1. With DiskDigger Pro you can undelete and recover your documents, videos,photos, music, recordings, PDF files and a lot of formats.
  2. Disk DiggerPro can recover the following file formats: JPG, PNG, M4A, 3GP, MP4, MOV, GIF, MP3, AMR, WAV, TIF, CR2, SR2, NEF, DCR, PEF, DNG, ORF, DOC, DOCS, XLS, PPT, PPTX, PDF, XPS, ODT, ODP, ODG, ZIP, APK, EPUB, SNB, VCF and RAR.
  3. With Disk Digger You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to upload the files to an FTP server, or save them to a different local folder on your device.

Final Words

I hope you liked the above post and I think that you will not get issues any more and you will able to recover and undelete your deleted photos and files. As per my experience, this app is amazing and works great. When I tried it for recover my files the result was surprising. It undeleted my very old files that I deleted a very long time ago. So I will recommended you to try this app once.

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