How to Root an Android Phone Without PC [Full Guide]

If you are using an Android Phone and have done some research about it then you are must be aware with the word called ‘Root‘ Yeah! So on this this article I will guide you How to Root an Android Phone but before starting let me tell you something ?

What does “to root a phone” mean?

Basically  ‘root’ your phone means to gain administrative rights on the file system of your phone (in linux,root is the username of the master admin). With root access, you can install and uninstall anything you want on the phone.

Most phones come with limited access regarding what you can and can’t do on it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it can keep users from accidentally breaking something they shouldn’t mess with on the phone, especially in regards to the operating system. However, many manufacturers limit your rights to things that aren’t really so mission critical, too, and rooting the phone gets around this.

If you have a few unnecessary applications (bloatware) pre-installed on your phone that you cannot uninstall, rooting will give you this ability. It will also allow you to upgrade to newer versions of Android before your phone’s manufacturer and/or cell provider make the updates available to you. Be warned, though, that rooting may void your warranty.

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I hope you People have got the answer of What does “to root a phone” mean? So let’s get ahead and get to know how Root Android Phone Without PC

How to Root Android Phone Without PC

Rooting an Android Phone is quite simple now. There are a lot of apps available in the market which you can easily download and install it on your smartphone. By using the powerful apps you can root your device in just one click.  So  I am going to pointing out 10 Applications to root your device easily.

5 Powerful Applications to Root your Android Phone

Here are the 10 Applications to root your android phone without PC or Computer

1. Framaroot

framaroot logo

Framaroot is one of the most popular application to root your smartphone. If you want to root your  Android Phone Without PC then I will suggest you to root your phone with the help of this application. Check out the list of Supported Devices for Framaroot Application by clicking here

Steps to Follow-


  • First of all download Framaroot Application by clicking the below download button.
  • Click on the orange button to download. DOWNLOAD FRAMAROOT
  • Now, Simply install it Run
  • Open the app and  choose Superuser or SuperSU
  • Select Boromir or another character
  • Now reboot your device

Congratulations, Root is installed now

2. Kingroot

Kingroot is also a second most popular alternative application to root your Android Phone. You can root your device in just one click. It also have some pre-built features to boost your smartphone such as un-installing pre-loaded apps which we can not uninstall normally.

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kingroot app

  • First of all download Kingroot Application by clicking the below download button.
  • Click on the orange button to download. DOWNLOAD KINGROOT APK
  • Install the Kingroot_global.apk
  • Run the Application.
  • Click on try to root button.
  • Wait for five or ten minutes.
  • Boom!!! You will get a greem tick and a notification that your device is root is successful.

3. Kingoroot


Well if you people are confused between Kingroot and Kingoroot then let me tell you that Kingroot and Kingoroot are 2 Different android applications by 2 different Developers and Different Algorithms.  But both have approx same features so follow the below steps to Root your Android Phone with Kingroot application.

Steps to Follow-

  • First of all download the application from below download button.
  • Click on the orange button to download. DOWNLOAD KINGOROOT APK
  • Install the Application and run it.
  • After that you will get a screen. click on on click root option.
  • If your device is supported then your root will be done in a minute.

4. Vroot


vroot is the most popular Android rooting software used all over the world. vRoot APK can be used for rooting almost any popular android device. Android rooting with vRoot is just single click. With the latest vroot 1.7.8 download and our simple rooting guide your android device can be rooted within minutes.

Steps to Follow-

  • First of all you will need to download the application. Click the below download button to download theVroot Apk.
  • Click on the orange button to download. DOWNLOAD VROOT APK
  • Install the application and run it
  • There Is an Option Of Vroot Or Root Just Click on That.
  • If your android device is compatible then root will be done in few minutes ?

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5. Iroot


iRoot 2.0.9 is the latest android root tool released by Magyun team, the developers of vroot one click rooting tool. iroot is a much powerful Android rooting tool with working at the highest successive rate among latest android root tools. Rooting your android device with iRoot is much safe and have better success rate. Currently iroot android is working with 1.5K + android devices and tablets.

Steps to Follow-

  • First of all download iRoot apk by clicking below download button.
  • Click on the orange button to download. DOWNLOAD iROOT APK
  • After downloading the apk, install it.
  • Run the app and Click on Root Button.
  • Bingo You have done root Successfully.

    How to Check whether your Device is rooted or not?

Aftering rooting your android device  if you have to confirm whether your mobile device is successfully rooted or not then follow the below easy steps to verify it ?

  • First of all you need to download an App called Root Checker by clicking below download button.
  • Click on the orange button to download DOWNLOAD ROOT CHECKER
  • After installing the app click on verify root access.
  • It will ask to grant permissions.
  • Click on grant.
  • IF you got the root access you will get a screen like below.

root checker

Imporant Notice – This Article Is Just Posted For Educational Purpose Only We’re Not Responsible If Anything bad Happens With You Or By doing Below Rooting Process Your Device is Bricked And For This We’re Not Responsible Try all Below Steps At Your Own Risk.


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