Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines in the World

Think about a day with any search engine. I’m sure it’s more likely impossible to live with Search Engines. Search Engines are now day to day part of our life after an increase in usage of internet rapidly. We are becoming more and more dependent on the search engines. We’re using them to find solutions related to each and every field such as Health, Technology, Science, Education and so on. As the time is moving fast, The search engines are now becoming more and more smart to help users, get their answers. In back days, Search engines used to search text content but now, We can use Search Engines to find images, videos, maps and even complex queries of Mathes and Physics.

In this post, I will be listing some of the best top ten most popular search engines that are used in all over the world. Each search engine has different features and that’s why we use them, So check them out.

1. Google

Most Popular Search Engines

Google is one one of the most Popular Search Engines in all over the world covering 81.08% of Search Engine Market and this number is increasing day by day.  Google with its unique algorithms and features have dominated the whole mobile and desktop search engine market. Google has been launching more and more features to attract users such as Google Weblight and AMP to load websites faster in less data speed. With Google search engine, the user can not only search by the input of text but also he/she can input image or voice to get results.

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2. Baidu

Baidu Search Engine
Baidu Search Engine

Baidu is a chinese search engine which is mainly used in China with the market share of10.62%. Baidu Search engine is offered in the Chinese language. The global Alexa rank of Baidu is 4. Baidu Search has just released Spider 3.0 which is capable of indexing over trillions of web pages.

3. Bing

Most Popular Search Engines Bing

Bing is the second most used search engine in all over the world with the current market share of 7.91%. The Alexa rank of Bing is 42. Most of the users of bing search engine are from the United States. One of the biggest issues with Bing is that their bots still only caches the first ~100kb of a page. While Google has developed their bots and fixed this bug.

4. Yahoo!

After Google, Baidu and Bing, Yahoo is the 4th most popular search engines in the world. The market share of Yahoo is 5.68%. Yahoo was once the most popular search engines in all over the world but soon Google replaced yahoo.

5. Yandex

YandexYandex is one of the fifth most popular search engines in the world. This search engine is especially popular in Russia and it’s mostly used by Russians.  Yandex also provides services such as Images, Video,  Mail, Maps, Translate. Yandex has also it’s browser. The Global Alexa rank of Yandex is 1,532. Yandex has the market share of total 0.75%.

6. search is one of the sixth most popular search engines in all over the world. AOL has an estimated 245 million monthly user. was formerly known as Ask Jeeves. The global rank of alexa is 111 and it has a market share of 0.19%.

7. DuckDuckGo

If you’re very selective with your privacy then DuckduckGo is the best search engine for you.  DuckduckGo was launched in 2008 and from then it has the market share of 0.15%. Unlike other popular search engines, this search engine doesn’t track you and respects your privacy.

8. Naver

Naver is the eight most popular search engines in all over the world with market share of 0.11%. This search engine is mostly used in South Korea.  The Company launched this search portal in 1999. The global Alexa rank is 112.

9. Dogpile

Dogpile is also a Search Engine which actually displays results by fetching data from other popular search engines such as google, yahoo, yandex. This search engine was launched in 1995 and have the current market share of 0.10%. The global alexa rank of Dogpile is 4,220.

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10. AOL

AOL is the 10th most popular search engines in the world that was founded in 1985. It has monthly user base of 245 million approximate users. The global alexa rank of AOL is 289  and it’s 79 in USA. Now AOL is a part of google.


Search engines are one of the basic requirements for internet users to search anything in all over the world. With the latest technology, Many search engines are upgrading their features to help users get what they actually searching for. I hope you liked this post of top ten most popular search engines in the world. Thanks for reading this post.

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