Top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Top 10 Websites to watch Movies Online

Feeling bored, tired of work or just want to sit back and enjoy the weekend with your favorite movies. We got you back with a fantastic list of Top 10 websites to stream movies online.

There are tons of places (Apps, websites) to watch free movies online but we shave sorted out some of the best sites to stream movies online. These below-listed websites are even safe for your device and are legal for you to use. Many of these websites have their apps so you can access free movies directly on your smartphone.

Some of you folks might have heard about the Netflix, Hulu, etc. But eventually, they can empty your pockets, as these apps don’t provide streaming services for free, These below-listed websites are free of cost but with a commercial interruption in between. These sites offer you full-length movies of all genres from comedy to action or horror to sci-fi. You can even download your favorite movie, TV series so you can watch them later on with your popcorn on the one hand and other with a cold drink.

Let’s check out this amazing list.

Best Websites to Stream Movies Online

1. Crackle

Websites to Stream Movies Online

Crackle is a renowned website known for their high-quality movies and their partnership with Sony Pictures. They provide hundreds of full-length free movies of genres from comedy to drama. These high-quality movies look spectacular on whatever the size of monitor you own it will enhance your watching experience.

The only thing which doesn’t make it more appealing than any other website is the same commercial ads which appear between the movie but they are short, and there are only a few commercial breaks during the full-length movie. Overall this is an amazing website to watch full-length movies for free in High Quality.

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2. Popcornflix

top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Another great place to watch free movies online after crackle. You might be surprised to hear that it requires no account, you simply visit the website and hit the play button in your favorite movie.

There is a constant flow of latest movies from screen media ventures. Popcornflix has over 1500 movies that include comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, documentaries, etc. You can even download your favorite movie in different genres.

3. Viewster

Top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Viewster is known for its quite large collection of free movies online; In addition to movies, there are several TV series available to stream for free.

The most exciting thing about Viewster is that they provide several TV shows in the high quality which is cool. Moreover, they have a constant flow of latest movies. But the same problem goes with this website also you cannot enjoy a full movie without commercial ads, you may have to watch some ads during the movie to be able to enjoy them for free. Viewster has great collections of movies. You must consider this website for streaming movies online.


Top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Yidio is the same website as others, but the only thing which grabbed my attention towards it is the several categories showing you where you can watch movies. One such category is designed especially for free online movies.

There are several benchmarks to sort out movies with different genres like by rating, animation, etc.

5. Youtube

Top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Youtube a renowned website, approximately known and used by everyone. YouTube isn’t just the place to go to watch videos of vines, tech news or the latest movie trailer. The new update of YouTube allows you to watch movies online for free, but at the same time, all the movies are not free of cost.

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You must be aware of quality which YouTube provides, so I don’t need to mention about quality and all. You can easily browse through the different genres and, of course, free movies that you can watch right away. Just click on the app and browse through it you will find tons of entertainment right on your single click.

6. Snag films

Top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Snag films have a fairly large collection of free movies online. It has a catalog of over 10,000 films that you can search by genre, recently added, most viewed, and most popular, etc.

Snagfims is one of my favorite places to watch free movies online. They have several latest movies, and the best part is the features it has, such as editor and user-curated, these features will help you out finding your right choice of movies.

To browse through this amazing and frugal website you need to sign into snag films by Facebook, Twitter or goggle+.

7. Tubi Tv

Top 10 Websites to watch Movies Online

Tubi is one of the best places to watch free movies online as they have high-quality movies and TV shows you can stream right now with one click. You can watch them for free of cost but eventually, some of them can only be rented, and not viewed for free.

There are tons of genres you can pick from Tubi tv, including your favorite TV shows, kids show as well as unique genres like wild things, Best of British, after hours, etc

8. Top Documentary Films

Top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Visit TDF (Top Documentary Films) if you’re a documentary fan I can bet you will love it. You can browse through the top documentary films for free of cost.

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The most exciting feature of TDF is his organized categories like technology, society, science, politics, Nature, Mystery, History, etc. Overall if you’re a documentary lover, just go for it.

9. Retrovision

Top 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Retrovision has thousands of free movies and TV shows you can watch right now. You can find a ton of adventure, comedy, crime, drama, horror, sci-fi and many more.

You can also browse through some of your favorite classic TV shows like Bonanza, one step beyond and many more. Just like other websites they also have too high-quality streaming.

10. MovieZoot

Top 10 Websites to watch Movies Online

Moviezoot is one of my favorite places to watch classic movies. Moviezoot has categorized their genres in several forms like Martial arts, musicals, Romance, sci-fi, comedy, horror, etc.

The most liked feature of MovieZoot is their search tool that allows you to search your favorite movie by genres, director, etc. They even show newest movie collection in their new films section.

There’s also a blog portion of MovieZoot that posts about popular and upcoming movies.


That’s all fellas! The aforementioned list is comprised of top 10 best websites to stream movies online. The concluded list is firmly focused on some of the appealing benchmarks such as ratings, popularity, and user experience, etc. If you are looking forward to some of the best websites where you can watch your favorite movies for free so, here you go.

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