How to View WiFi Password on Android Device – [Without & With Root]

View WiFi Password on Android Device

The Internet is everything now. We live more on the Internet more than in our real life and to access the Internet, Wifi is the best way to access the Internet. WiFi’s are all over the places. Either you go to the school, restaurant, college, office or a club, you connect with a dozen of WiFi networks every day. It’s not easy to remember every possible WiFi password in your mind. Although, the passwords are saved automatically in the device which helps to auto connect with that WiFi Network. But what if you want to use that same WiFi Network on other devices? Perhaps, you can ask the administrator of that WiFi Owner or why not just view wifi password on android. It gets easy when you can view wifi password on your Android device. You can save that password and use on any of your devices such as your iPhone, Mac or Windows PC. In this post, you will be able to know that how to see saved wifi password in android phone without root.

How to Show WiFi Password on Android

To check wifi password on android, there is a condition. To see wifi password on android, you need to root your android phone. If you wanna check out how to root your android device without pc then click here. But before rooting your android device, do check out the pros and cons of rooting android phone. If you’ll follow our guide, you’ll able to root your device successfully. If your device is rooted already, you don’t need to do anything. Just follow some basic simple steps that we’re going to provide in this post.

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How to View WiFi Password on Android

Once your device is rooted, you can see the wifi password very easily. In this post, we’re going to introduce some of the best and easy methods that you can use to check wifi password on android. These methods are verified by our team and they work like charm.

As we discussed earlier that this method only works if you have rooted your device. So below are some simple steps you need to follow to find wifi password android.

1st Method: Using ES File Explorer App

This method is simple and requires ES File Explorer or any root explorer. Read the method of getting wifi password here.

  1. First of All, Install ES Explorer from Google Play store.
  2. Give root access to the application.
  3. Now, visit the root folder and navigate to data/misc/wifi.

    View WiFi Password on Android Device
    View WiFi Password on Android Device
  4. In this section, you’ll find a file named wpa_supplicant.conf.
  5. Tap on that file and select  ES File Explorer ‘s built-in text/HTML viewer.
  6. When you’ll open that file, you’ll be able to see the network SSID and their passwords next to it.
  7. Simply note down the password of the network you need to use the WiFi Password.

2nd Method: Using Third-Party App

In this second method, we’re actually going to use a 3rd party app that can help you to reveal the wifi password on connected wifi network on your device.This method is totally safe and works like charm anytime. Please follow the below steps carefully to check wifi password on the android phone.

  1. Download the application called Free WiFi Password Recovery from below.
  2. After installing the application, you need to open it.
  3. You will need to grant root access to the application and without root access, this app won’t work.
  4. Once you’re done granting root access.
  5. Just open the application.

    View WiFi Password on Android Device
    View WiFi Password on Android Device
  6. Select the WiFi Network for which you want to see the WiFi Password.

    View WiFi Password on Android Device
    View WiFi Password on Android Device
  7. Copy the password and use it whenever needed.

How to Find WiFi Password on Android Without Root

how to view saved wifi password on android without root
how to view saved wifi password on android without root

In this method, we’re going to talk about how can you view wifi password on android without root. In this post, We will be talking about show wifi password android unrooted and you be able to learn about wifi key recovery without root. So let’s talk about wifi password recovery without root. Below is the method you can use to show wifi password android without root.

How to View Saved Wifi Password on Android Without Root

Before going further, I just want to let you know that this method only works with fewer supporting devices and if this method of show wifi password android no root does not work then probably this method will not support on your Android device and you’ll need to root your android phone.

Conclusion: So these were some of the methods that you can use to view password on android device easily. These methods are 100% verified by our team and they always work. Although, rooting your android devices can harm your smartphone if things went wrong. We do not advise you to root your android device. Most of the smartphone companies restrict rooting their devices. I hope that you liked the article and if you did then do not forget to share them with your friends on social media. If you have any questions and queries then please comment in the comment section. Our team will answer you as soon as possible.

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